Fixing my GRUB mistakes

May 1, 2007

A few generous folks left comments with some good advice on editing the GRUB configuration so that kernel updates would not over-write my customizations.

I reverted to the original /boot/grub/menu.lst file (glad I made that backup!) and change the default to 4 (Windows XP), enabled hidden menus and turned on pretty colors (just because I could). Rebooted and things worked great. Thanks for the help.

I’ve spent some time considering what my next step should be and I have three things I want to accomplish:

  1. Become proficient at developing using a fairly standard toolset (this is mostly about shell and editor familiarity) – vi, emacs and bash.

  2. Develop a simple Firefox extension (theory is that this will cover a good bit of territory while still being a very approachable project).

  3. Go into “command a day” mode where I learn about a single command each day (I picked up Linux in a Nutshell) and write a test script (or at least come up with a scenario) where I use that command.

Nothing crazy – but something that will produce at least one new thing per day (even if it’s just a command).

I’m pretty sure I know what the Firefox extension will be but I want a night to mull it over so I don’t get into more than I want right now.  The goal is success not to overwhelm myself.


3 Responses to “Fixing my GRUB mistakes”

  1. Rubbsdecvik Says:

    Do you mind posting the command you find everyday. I think that’s very interesting and wouldn’t mind doing it “with” you.

    I haven’t thought about developing an extension. It would be a good way to bring a cross platform solution to something.

    Good Luck!

  2. Denmaru Says:

    Maybe you should also have a look at graphical toolsets like GTK or QT (from Trolltech). The “Command a day” idea is nice.

  3. […] – I reverted the changes and used a simplier approach that kernel updates won’t […]

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