Ruby or Python? Suggestions welcomed!

May 23, 2007

Now that I’ve knocked some of the early learning and the practical tasks off the list it is time to start taking on a more sizable project.

I already have something in mind that would be immediately beneficial for me but which will take a decent amount of time to implement (if I were 20 again it would probably only take 2-3 weeks since I wouldn’t need to sleep).

This will be a web application (what isn’t these days?) and the goal, other than the application, is to learn more about a new language (ruby or python), an existing platform (e.g. rails) and AJAX (which I already understand but haven’t personally worked with beyond some exercises from books and magazines).

What I’m trying to figure out now is should I start with Ruby or Python? I’ve been reading quite a bit on the benefits of each language and so far they are basicaly a wash (except that I’m reading a lot about scale problems with Ruby on Rails – but it’s not like I’m trying to become the next Twitter).

Also I’m not clear what the platform would be if I went with Python. With Ruby it would be Rails – but with Python … ????

I already have a small start with Ruby and Rails (I’ve read a few books) – but I’ve not yet written a single meaningful line of either.

Any suggestions or pointers to articles/blogs/books worth reading?

btw – Before I’m accused of being too lazy to research this on my own … I know there are hundreds of sites and posts on this exact topic. I’ve been reading them for several days. I’m close to making a decision but want to toss it out there in case I’ve missed something that only experience would reveal.


4 Responses to “Ruby or Python? Suggestions welcomed!”

  1. Egil Says:

    With Python its probably Django.

  2. Walker Says:

    Yes, python – django.

    Remember that you must have a server with ruby or python handling. Now, there are more servers with py handling.

  3. I use Python myself but haven’t used Ruby so I won’t try to sell you either. If you decide upon Python a very good book to read is Dive Into Python which is available online for free and in print.

    Using Ubuntu you can also install it onto your computer from apt to read locally.

    sudo apt-get install diveintopython

    then open /usr/share/doc/diveintopython/html/toc/index.html in your browser.

    There are a few things I’d be interested to know, perhaps another non-tech post is in order to update us on how your life is now.
    – Do you still feel your life is devoid of passion?
    – You have kids, what do they think of Ubuntu? Are they using it? What about your wife?

    Perhaps you could do monthly “passion” updates until your life is passion filled. 🙂

  4. python w/ turbogears. Because python is easier to understand and is more widespread. But I also ruby is become more popular

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