Python or Ruby? It’s Ruby for me.

May 27, 2007

After spending a few days looking at the pros and cons I have decided that Ruby will be my choice for now.  There were a lot of factors in the choice but ultimately it came down to a few less-than-scientific factors.

  1.  I am more familiar with Ruby.  I read Code Generation in Action a few years ago but never really gave it much thought.  The seed has been planted though.
  2. The local B&N and Borders had more Ruby and Rails books in stock.  Perhaps this says that all the Python titles have sold out and the Ruby titles aren’t moving.
  3. I followed some RailsConf blogs and they gave me a good vibe.

No arguments about syntax or framework advantages (Python won out here since fewer hosts provide support for Rails apps).

Both are fine languages and provided everything I’ll need to do anything I want.


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