Burning a VOB file to DVD

June 23, 2007

To burn the VOB file from dvd-slideshow to DVD (to be playable in a stand-alone DVD player) I used DeVeDe to create the iso file (it’s easy to use that I won’t explain it) and wrote the iso to the DVD as a regular data DVD.

Popped it into our CyberHome $30 DVD player from Wal*Mart and it worked right off the bat.

Just mentioning this because it took me a while to sort through the options for going from dvd-slideshow (png images) to a VOB file to an ISO image (via DeVeDe).


3 Responses to “Burning a VOB file to DVD”

  1. Peter Says:

    is this blog dead now?

  2. makingtheswitch Says:

    I hope not – but I took some of the commenter’s advice and got out from behind the computer so I’ve been quite slow in posting.

  3. Camouflage Says:

    I think he switched back to W*s.

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