The hardware detection was just about spot-on. The network (hard-wired to cable modem) worked without issues (obviously – I’m on Ubuntu right now). When booting I was greeted to the Ubuntu sound (kind of a tribal/jungle thing). I’m in a pretty decent resolution right now – higher than what I leave XP at. Disks and SD card slots were detected.

But when I went to print a test page I hit a snag.

The printer was not automatically detected at startup.

I used the online help (System -> Help and Support) and clicked on Printing to be led through the process of adding the printer. The Add Printer wizard did detect my printer (HP Deskjet D2330).

Once this was done I tried printing in OpenOffice but was getting an error that the device was not found. I went back to the printer admin window and right-clicked on the printer and made it the default. I would have expected the Add Printer wizard to have done this for me since this is the only installed printer.

Also the scanner is not working. When I try to run XSane Image Scanner I am greeted to the following error dialog box:

XSane Image Scanner error message

Failed to open device `gt68xx:libusb:001:006′: invalid argument.

Scanner is not detected. It is a Mustek ScanMagic 1200 UB Plus (USB) scanner – even getting the Windows drivers took several hours (it was designed to work on 98, not XP). I will try my luck with the SANE repository.

One other odd thing I’m noticing is that at time the flashing cursor in edit controls in Firefox are not displaying even though they are active in the edit control (i.e. editing works as expected).  It eventually comes back but it would be annoying long-term.

For the record my machine is a Gateway 420GR purchased from Best Buy (open item price was to good to pass by).  The only upgrade I’ve made is adding another 512MB of RAM (total 1GB) so this is what I would expect from a stock machine.

Also – the performance of  the overall Ubuntu experience is a little slower than I expected but I wonder what the effect of running in this “boot from CD” configuration is.  Especially if there is a RAM drive.  I need to research this a bit more and will blog about it when I know.