So what happened?

July 27, 2012

Every once in a while a comment comes through asking what happened… here’s the quick story.

I quit Microsoft. I followed my interests and now have a day job that excites me and on the side I am getting paid to teach about computer science.  I get to work from home most days and I know I’m making an impact.

I started playing guitar and remembered how to sing. I do this pretty frequently around the city with friends and once in a while sit in with a local band.

I still use Linux. Not exclusively (much of my training content has to be Windows based). I have also picked up Erlang and Python.

I started brewing beer.

I lost 70 pounds (and still going).

I start trail running and joined up with a Hash House Harrier kennel.

I’m much happier now. I’m living my life. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, and certainly not my employer, that I wasn’t before. One of the nicest things anyone ever said to me was “It’s great to have you back”

It’s great to be back.

Now turn off your computer and go find a trail to run. I’ll see you there.


The theme I was using previously was causing command output to be trimmed which made the demo output more difficult to read.  I’m experimenting with other themes to see if I can find one that works better – in the mean time the look of the site may change a few times.